repair PDF file

How to Repair PDF File and Recover Its Maximum Possible Content?

Being a computer user, we deal with a variety of files every day. One such file is PDF (portable document format), and it’s quite popular among us. It was developed by Adobe Systems in the 1990s. This format has many features, we’ll discuss that later in this article. Also, we’ll discuss the major drawback of this file format and how to repair PDF file if it’s corrupt. Continue reading

repair BKF file

You Must Repair BKF File if You Can’t Restore Data From It

Data loss is not less than a nightmare for any computer user. The two most possible reasons for data loss are accidental deletion and corruption. Sometimes data loss is temporary and sometimes it’s permanent. In a case of temporary data loss, you have fair chances to restore your data back. But if it’s permanent, forget about your data. There’s no way to restore your data back until you have a valid backup file. In this post, we’ll learn Continue reading

how to repair Excel file

Repair Excel File Effortlessly with Few Easy Manual Tricks

Microsoft Excel is a powerful tool for businesses. Over the last few of decades, it has become an integral part of most business organizations around the world. This popular spreadsheet software is commonly used for financially-related activities. Microsoft Excel has great features which other spreadsheet software may not have. But an Excel file is prone to corruption, and this is the only drawback. In this post, Continue reading

how to repair ZIP file

Repair ZIP File Manually – Restore ZIP File Content

If you’ve been using computers since long, you must be aware of data compression. What type of data compression do you use? It’s no wonder if you say ZIP. It’s quite popular among computer users. In a ZIP archive, you can store all your important files in a compressed form. And whenever you want your data back, you can extract the ZIP file. But sometimes you fail to extract your data if the ZIP file is corrupt. Continue reading

repair VHD file

Repair VHD File to Restore Your Invaluable Data From It

We all know that the use of virtual hard drives has taken the digital data storage to the next level. And now we can confidently predict that the digital storage space and its high demand will grow even faster in the coming years. But still there’s a major drawback of using Virtual PC, and that’s corruption. The VHD files used by Virtual PC as a Virtual hard disk, are prone to corruption. We’ll discuss the most common reasons later in this post. Also, I’ll help you learn Continue reading

how to perform data recovery

Data Recovery Solution – Smart Way to Recover Your Lost Data

What else is more important than computer data? More and more people around the world are using computers in these days. We can store photos, videos, important documents and more in a computer. Being a computer user, we better know how valuable our data and files are. Most of us think that our data is safe. But that’s not true at all. We truly work hard in creating and collecting the information from here and there. Since computer data is Continue reading