repair Access database

Unrecognized Database Format. How to Repair Access Database?

Generally, organizations use large amounts of data. And the database management system (DBMS) software becomes an essential tool for every organization. The primary objective of a DBMS tool is to make it possible to organize data in a database file. Being a part of well-known Microsoft Office suite, Microsoft Access is a popular database management system that combines the relational Microsoft Jet database engine with a graphical user-interface Continue reading

restore SQL database

How to Restore SQL Database Objects from Corrupt MDF File?

Today who doesn’t know about Microsoft SQL Server. According to a report, the popularity of SQL Server grew faster than any other database product during 2016. Where SQL Server is so popular among worldwide users, on the other hand, it has a major drawback. Like any other database file, SQL Server database is not immune to corruption. You must restore SQL database objects in order to save them into a new database file. Sometimes it becomes a tedious task to repair SQL Continue reading